Work Related Injuries / Occupational Rehabilitation

Work-Related Injuries

Work related injuries

Missing work, out of options and in pain? This happens far too often! Stop the cycle of pain and injury, today. Our team can help! Dr. Shanley’s team can work with you and your medical team to establish and carry out a customized treatment plan that will result in recovery and occupational rehabilitation for any work-related injuries that you may be suffering from.

We can assist you in comprehensive care and pain relief while helping you avoid the burden of confusing paperwork. So You’ve been injured? What now? We can help with:

Evaluation, Diagnosis, Digital X-Rays, and Advanced Reporting

  • Medical and Specialist Referrals

  • Legal Office Partnerships

  • Consequential Injury Treatment

  • Recurrence of Injury Treatments

  • Idiopathic Injury Treatment and Treatment Plans

  • Work Restriction Documentation

  • Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy

  • Chronic Pain Management

  • Letters of Medical Necessity

  • Impairment Ratings and Myovision sEMG Technology

  • Traumatic Injury Treatment and Treatment Plans

  • Occupational Disease Treatments

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