Personal Injuries / Slips and Falls

Personal Injuries / Slips and Falls

Personal injuries

These things happen, whether your injury was caused by a clumsy mistake or an outside factor, we can get you the help you need. Millions of people go to the emergency room every year, young and old for accidents and falls. What steps do I need to take now?

Step 1 - Seek Medical Attention. If you’ve been to the E.R. or you have already been seen by your primary care doctor and are still concerned or are having continued aches and pains, we can help!

Step 2 - Report and Document the incident. It’s time to reach out to make a report of the incident or injury to those involved and those who are responsible. If you aren’t sure who to call or where to turn, don’t wait or stay in pain any longer than you have to. Our team can document your injuries and establish treatment while assisting you in finding representation and specialists to ensure your injuries and your case are being evaluated by professionals from day one.

Step 3 - Gather the facts and or police reports. If possible collect all relevant information from authorities, business owners or witnesses for documentation purposes. This information may be useful to help establish the facts of your case.

Step 4 - Choosing your care team and legal team (when necessary). At this point, you’ve been injured and are in pain and need to look out for your health and well-bing. Missing work or other stressful issues may seem like the most pressing concerns at first but your case and your care may depend on the steps you take immediately after your personal injury or accident.

Don’t delay your care, don’t hesitate to call and ask questions as our success is based on your recovery. Our clients refer our team and our care to their friends, families, and colleagues. We depend on word of mouth referrals to grow our family practice but our success is ultimately contingent on our patient's recovery and wellness. Remember, these types of injuries can be long-lasting even if you don’t notice the pain or inflammation right away.

Just because you may be at fault for this kind of injury doesn’t mean that the pain hurts any less. In fact, if you weren’t at fault for your personal injury, our team can align you with professionals who can help to resolve your case. We work with clients every day who are benefiting from continued treatment after these types of injuries occur at home or even at the workplace. Our team knows how to help you get back to your life and your career!

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